Elevators & Escalators

VAPTEC LLC provide complete design, necessary loadings & calculations using information on new/existing Elevator or Escalator equipments to suit various transit requirements, along with manufacturing, installation, testing & commissioning and maintenance, all as per various respective international standards: EN81 and other related DIN/FEM/ISO/ASM

Elevator or Lift is a suspended housed compartment or a platform for raising or lowering people or objects in a shaft or a narrow vertical passage. There are several variations of these elevators due to the difference in the method of hoisting equipment used like traction, hydraulic, etc. Whether its commercial or residential buildings, these elevators have become inevitable and extensively used 24 x 7 every day. The requirement of moving large number of people together from one level to other and one place to other, evolved to a modern day efficient equipment namely escalator and travellator respectively.

Elevators & Escalators

Our Range of Elevator & Escalator Products include:

  • Geared and Gearless Traction Elevator
  • Various types of Hydraulic lifts
  • Machine-Room-Less (MRL type) Elevator
  • Various types of Commercial or Residential Passenger Lifts
  • Freights & Service Elevators
  • Various types of Escalators
  • Various types of Travellators or Moving Walks
  • Various types of Dumbwaiter lifts

VAPTEC LLC’s, as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, main strength lies in the reliable & extensive maintenance service or after sales support provided for various existing Elevators & Escalators of all international and local brands, by merit of which we are today becoming one of the market leader