Multi Brand EOT Crane Services

M/s VAPTEC LLC has developed gradually and firmly in this spontaneous market, due to its exclusive capability in managing all brands of Cranes and hoists competently for a special stunning competitive pricing for all EOT crane service, overhead crane maintenance, chain hoist service,etc. M/s VAPTEC LLC’s in house Safety managers Engineers & competent technicians, with over two decades of extensive experience in EOT Cranes systems are able to define and procure the best available genuine equivalent spare parts globally form respective electrical or mechanical element parent manufacturers. Our technical team, with its vast experience and knowledge on EOT Cranes, can easily determine and alter for any modern variants for respective outdated or redundant spare parts of any EOT Cranes brands like Italkrane,Ace, Habus, Verlinde, Hadef, SWF GMBH, STAHL Explosion Proof, SWF Explosion Proof,Kone, KULI Hebezeuge, GIS, Vinscan, Vahle, Demag, SWF crane spare parts, etc.

M/s VAPTEC LLC, as an ISO 9001 certified company for its Quality Management System with in house NEBOSH and IOSH certified safety managers, scheme an special log for each EOT Crane under its periodic service schedule, hence as and when the usage of the EOT Crane intensifies, our team correlates its duty cycle with the periodic preventive maintenance schedule to ensure that the respective EOT Crane is maintained well ahead and it is completely in operational condition for the client. Our well trained & experienced technical team examine and decrypt the fault well in advance to avoid any unnecessary break down of EOT Cranes.

M/s VAPTEC LLC as an established company, with over 10 years of proven excellence in the EOT Crane service field, provide rapid and safe repair in line with relevant international standards British or DIN (Germany) or FEM (Europe), etc.

EOT Crane

M/s VAPTEC LLC’s experienced Engineers, who have hands own work experience in UAE for last two decades in EOT Cranes, create exclusive special maintenance scheme for all service contracts of EOT crane service, overhead crane maintenance, etc., with all types of Double or Single Girder Gantry Crane, Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes, Double or Single Girder EOT Cranes, Double or Single Girder Underslung Cranes, Manual Portal Cranes, Jib Cranes, chain hoists, etc.

M/s VAPTEC LLC can easily source any and all major spare parts or components like Hoist, winch unit, wire ropes, pulleys, swivel lifting hooks, Magnetic lifting block, G clamps, wedge sockets, pulley blocks, load chains, chain hoists, chain components, end carriage, wheel units, wheel housing, wheel bearings, gear boxes, motors, Crane rails, guide tracks, guide rollers, end stop fenders, protection buffers, electrical transformers, contactors, relays, limit switches, overload detector device, photo electric sensors, control panel, emergency key switches, push button switches, selector switches, push button switches,isolator, remote control, joystick controls, power socket, various types of VFD’s, various types of PLC’s, software programming, signal transmission units, electrical cables, bus bar, bus bar support brackets, festooned cables, festooned cable track, festooned cable support brackets, rollers, cable restrainer, spring loaded cable reeler, diverter pulley, bearings, pivot pins, hoist enclosure cladding, rubber protection beedings, wheels, spreader bars, safety rope guide device, etc. also of various international manufacturers likeKULI Hebezeuge, GIS, Vinscan, Vahle, Demag, SWF crane spare parts, etc.and also for other common brands like Kone, Italkrane,Ace, SWF GMBH, STAHL Explosion Proof, SWF Explosion Proof,Habus, Verlinde, Hadef, etc.